The volcanic eruption that gave to the island the unique landscape we admire nowdays, also gave a sudden end to the ancient civilization that was flourishing here. In the spring of 1620 BC the volcano buried under 40 m of ash and lava all the secrets of the city built by the islanders of Bronze Age.

After 38 centuries, the city came to light. In 1967, professor Marinatos revealed buildings that were preserved during centuries. This is the prehistoric “Pompeii” of Santorini that you would never imagine it is found on this island and will leave you in awe.


At a height of 565 m one can admire the views of all the picturesque villages, like toys thrown in a wonderful disorder on the volcanic soil. This is the highest point of the island and you will have in front of your eyes a 360 degrees magnificent view.

The name comes after the monastery of 18th century dedicated to Prophet Elias.


The beautiful little village will take you away from the crowded popular spots of the island. Megalochori, which in Greek means “big village” is , however, the smallest one on the island. A walk through it will show you a totally different aspect of Santorini, a more traditional and authentic.


Pyrgos in Greek means castle, fortress/tower. Built on the slopes of a hill as a defensive castle against the plague of pirates, Pyrgos is the village that will travel you back in time. A walk in the narrow streets of the village under the arches and through the secret passages is a fascinating trip in the times of the pirates and the castles. Gather your courage and walk up to the kasteli, the top of the hill, all the 150 steps. The astonishing view will definitely pay you back.


At the entrance of Emporio stands the small chapel of St Nicholas of Marble. This christianic church was built on the ruins of a Greek ancient temple, made of marble, which proves the continuation of sacred places. If you keep walking, in the village you will find your way to one more defensive castle of Santorini. The architecture of Emborio is a quite typical on the island with the characteristic narrow and tall houses, close to each othe, sharing frontyards and having small windows opened towards the inner space of the castle for protection against pirates. Emborio is known for the remaining tower of the castle, which in Santorini is called “Goulas” and it is a very interesting monument to visit.


The most popular, busy, lively, cosmopolitan beaches of Santorini! The black sand, black because of the volcanic origin of the soil is as hot as the summer nights, full of music, full moon parties and cocktails. In the morning you will enjoy the long beach, the soft sand, the refreshing water. In the afternoon, you will go for shopping in the many shops for all tastes along the seaside. In the evening, you will have dinner by the sea and in the night, you will drink and dance your tiredness away so that you can start all over again the next day.

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